In November, 2016, the frustration started to kick in when keeping up with Facebook threads and blog posts about business conferences became oh too real.  But I wanted more, and I knew there were more people out there like me.  So I set out to create a website that was interactive where I could refine my search by event type, price, industry, size and location and essentially, find the perfect event for me.

If nothing else, I want this website to be an awesome! resource for entrepreneurs attending their first (or next) conference.  Now, go find your perfect event!



Conference Connection makes it possible to find the perfect event for you and your business.  It’s the main hub that gives you access to conferences, retreats and workshops.


You’ve found the perfect event, purchased your ticket and now you’ve got access to your room or shared space.  Bask in that moment and take every opportunity to make the most of it


Ahhh, this feeling is priceless.  You’re at the perfect event and you’re inspired and engaged.  You have access to real life connections and a chance to network with other like-minded entrepreneurs.  #ConnectIRL #ConferenceConnector

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