The Speaker’s Journey Series with Natalie Gingrich

I interviewed the Natalie Gingrich for this week's episode of The Speaker's Journey.  Natalie is such an inspiration and a super kind and beautiful person.  Take some time to read this interview, I love how well-rounded she is as an individual. Makeda:  Hey Natalie,...

Speaker Series


What About One Day Events?

Yeah, what about them? There are one-day conferences, retreats and workshops that are just as effective as multi-day events.  You, the entrepreneur, still must put it through the eight questions test in my info guide. I've done the research...

Is A Hybrid Conference Right For You?

What the heck is a hybrid conference, Makeda.  I know, I tend to make up these phrases sometimes (attendee remorse). I've been seeing more and more conferences incorporating workshops into their programming.  It's been fun to see and at the same time I've noticed that...

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Website Features

Where Are We Sleeping?

Have you ever purchased an event ticket that didn't have hotel arrangements included?  How does that make you feel?  Maybe you feel like, Ugh another thing to do or maybe you have quite the opposite reaction like, Yes!  I get to choose my own location.  Everyone feels...

SPILT – Search Filters

It's not easy when you're building a much needed resource for the community of online entrepreneurs who love attending and hosting conferences, retreats and workshops. Well, little by little, I think I've built something that is efficient and gets the job done.  Can't...

Conference Connection Is Here!

Hello January 12th, 2017!  And hello to you, entrepreneur! CONFERENCE CONNECTION IS HERE! I can barely contain my excitement.  This was a labour of love for me since November.  I remember chatting with my biz bestie, Lauren Black, and telling her all about my idea for...

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