Part 1 of 4: Attendees Love Community

February is the month of love and I'm doing a 4-part series on some conference elements that attendees absolutely love. Before Conference Connection was even a thought, I often wondered what is it that entrepreneurs love so much about these conferences.  Not quite...


Attending an Event For the Second Time

Is there a conference that you attend over and over again?  Has it been tried and true and provide you with the content that you need in your business?  Does it solve the problem that you're currently facing in your business? Maybe it's not even about a problem or...

Popular Conference Trend

I don't have experience in attending events, in fact, I've only attended two, but I have noticed trends by listing them on CC's calendar.  One in particular really stands out - it's the need to host smaller events.  Have you noticed that?  Don't get me wrong, there...

While You're There

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