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How Can I Help You Navigate Conferences Better?

Info Guide for Attendees

Ask yourself these eight questions before you purchase your first or next conference ticket.  Don’t be unsure, be confident.

Media Kit for Speakers

Apply to your first or next speaking engagement in style.  Download the customize-able Canva template with your brand’s colours and content.

Trello Board for Hosts

Manage the many moving parts of your first or next workshop.  Planning an event isn’t easy, stay organized with this board.

Hey, What's Up?

I’m Makeda, founder of The Conference Connection and The Speaker Directory.  I created this resource because I was in need of it and I knew so many other entrepreneurs would benefit from it as well.  The digital organizational part of me wanted me to create an all-encompassing resource that would help entrepreneurs navigate their way through conferences.

On a personal note, I’m a Trinidadian transplant living in New Jersey with my musician hubby, and three boys Anwar, Ashur + Amare.  I love a good, well-done filet mignon with asparagus, pistachio sundaes and HGTV.  

What People Are Saying!

I’m the type of girl who loves to know all of my options before making a decision, especially when I’ve budgeted for just one conference a year. In the past, when I wanted to attend a conference, I’d ask around in Facebook groups for a list of events, then I’d spend hours tracking down each website and comparing features. Google was no help since the results were never geared towards my business or niche. #frustrating. Then in comes Conference Connection! I can finally search through all small business conferences in one place! It’s easy to compare features and view the speakers so I know which event fits me best. Lauren Black

Creative Strategist, Bosscation

Posting on the Conference Connection was a breeze!  We wanted to make sure our event was seen by as many people as possible… confident that CC will help us reach our goals.

Danielle Roberts

Online Business Manager, Danielle M Roberts

Makeda is the best!  I use all the time to check in on the latest and greatest in the conference world!

Britt Hyatt

Brand Designer, Launch Your Daydream

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