Helping entrepreneurs
brainstorm, plan and launch
a profitable live event.

Interested?  Here's How I Can Help.

Plan A Profitable Live Event helps organizers keep all the moving parts of planning an event together and launching easy. 
Video course that teaches you the foundation of planning your first live event.  This course focus on your event's profitability.
During our time together, we will drill down on the financial aspect of your live event and make ensure that it is profitable. 

Have We Met?

Hey, I'm Makeda,
There are only two things that matter when you're planning a live event:  its profitability and the attendee experience.  

I'm an Event Strategist and Founder of Events Unlocked.  I help entrepreneurs create a profitable live event with attendee experience at its core.

Planning doesn't have to be difficult.  Let's ditch overwhelm and chaos and embrace organized brainstorm, confident planning and easy launching!

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