Thank you for considering to list your event on The Conference Connection.  Please note that your event must be two or more days in order to be listed.  There’s also a listing fee that must be paid first before completing the form.

Date and Time


It shows next to event time on calendar. You can insert Timezone etc. in this field.

Add certain days to event occurrence dates.

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Hourly Schedule

Add new hourly schedule row

Event Event Venue

eg. City Hall

eg. City hall, Manhattan, New York

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Event Main Organizer

eg. John Smith

eg. +1 (234) 5678

eg. john@smith.com

eg. http://yoursite.com/john-smith/

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Other Organizers

You can select extra organizers in addition to main organizer if you like.


Booking Form

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          Event Cost



          In the ‘Note to Reviewer’ box right above the submit button, please copy and paste the text below and provide the information.

          Price Details(payment plan, current price by a certain date, etc.)

          Annual(yes or no)

          Hotel(included or not included; room block link or code; suggest one hotel in the area if hotel is not included or room block will not be)

          Meals(included or not included; which meals included)

          Speaker Call(open or closed)

          Speakers(type their names and attach a Dropbox or Google Drive link for each one or one link with all picture properly labeled with name)

          Workshops(yes or no, details)

          Headshots(yes or no)

          Dress(casual, formal, comfy, etc.)

          Sponsorship(yes or no, details)

          Scholarship(yes or no, details)

          Media Kit for Speakers

          Apply to speaking opportunities in style.  Sign up for this media kit where you can customize with your brand’s colours and logo.
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