Maybe it’s been a little depressing with the information you’ve been receiving lately.  The thought of attendee remorse has been bothering you.  There are events you’ve been attending year after year and not sure why you attend anymore.  Don’t be discouraged.  I’ve got some great news today!

I thought to myself, Makeda, there’s got to be some events that attendees can attend multiple times.  And it hit me, right when I was chatting with my buddy, Devan McCabe earlier this week.

She mentioned that being out of the 9to5 world made her realize that she was losing the lingo (language) that she spoke in while working at Ebay.  I said, Girl, yassssssssss!!!  I totally understood what she was saying and I thought, That’s it!  There are some events that you can attend multiple times for that very reason – to learn what’s new in that specific industry.

Today, I’ve got three events that I think would be lovely for you to attend multiple times but still making sure that the content fits where you currently are in your business.


Maybe attending a conference for the second time is not your problem, but actually figuring out if a particular event is right for you.  Download my info guide with 8 questions to ask yourself before you purchase the ticket.


Wedding Conference

Examples of Events You Can Attend Multiple Times, weddingThis is a huge industry and there are planners who specialize in different wedding styles.  You want a rustic theme, you can find a planner for that.  You want a million-dollar luxurious wedding, there are planners for that.  You want a destination wedding, you guessed it.  There is a planner who does just those type of weddings.  You can get so specific, so niche in this industry.  There’s constantly new information being released, new ideas for your brides and new trends to make your weddings stand out from the rest.

Tip:  Make sure the event is targeting where you are in your business.  Don’t attend an event if you’re no longer a newbie and now have 10-20 weddings under your belt.

Design &Technology Conference

So this is huge right?!  This is what my friend was talking about.  At a conference that may primarily focus on SEO or design or new software or apps to help run your business easier is definitely an event you can attend multiple times.  Technology does not stand still – it’s constantly moving.  New apps and software are always being released so it’s best to stay in the know and informed.  Knowing the up-to-date information about technology and design will only allow you to assist your clients and audience that much better.

Tip:  Reach out to the host to find out more about the speakers, see what their zone of genius is and what their content is mainly about.  If it’s an area you need to improve on, book that ticket for the second time.

Photography & Film Conference

Although I’m not a photography, I can only imagine the plethora of gadgets and other toys for those who serve clients in this industry.  The latest camera, the updated editing software, the newest workshop that teaches you how to shoot or film the modern way.  Attending a conference like this multiple times can only give you more (up-to-date) knowledge so that you can be better at what you do.  Some years ago, Journalistic Photography became very popular, it was all the rage.  It was a skill that a lot of photographers were interested in learning.

Tip:  Try researching the content ahead of time and see if there’ll be workshops within this conference.  Hands-on learning is a fantastic way to learn.


Don’t experience attendee remorse, download my info guide with 8 questions to ask yourself before you purchase your ticket.


Well, there you have it – 3 examples of events that you can definitely attend more than once.  Do you have examples of any more?  Tell me in the comments below.