What the heck is a hybrid conference, Makeda.  I know, I tend to make up these phrases sometimes (attendee remorse).

I’ve been seeing more and more conferences incorporating workshops into their programming.  It’s been fun to see and at the same time I’ve noticed that it’s becoming a thing now, a trend.  I love seeing trends in the event industry because it shows where hosts and events are headed.  Sometimes, to be honest, it’s the first time hosts who are raising the bar for these events and setting these cutting edge trends.  For hosts who have been planning events for a while, their ideas may not be as fresh as someone who’s coming in with a new eye.

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Together:  A Bosslady Experience

The first time I noticed this trend was when I listed my first event – Together: A Bosslady Experience.  Devan, the host, wanted something different as she was a first time host.  Although I wasn’t there, we checked in with each other.  It was exciting getting to know her and getting a front seat to seeing her plans come to life.  She wanted to add a workshop element to her conference.  Not just a workshop but a hands on workshop.  I often forget that workshops come in two forms:  hands on and hands off.  The hands off workshops I’d relate to the types where you organize ideas, make plans and get the ball rolling on execution.  Anyway, she had workshops that included calligraphy and flat lay stock photos.

Boss Mom Retreat

Another example of this hybrid conference trend is the Boss Mom Retreat.  Now, this was Dana’s second time hosting the Boss Mom Retreat and she also included that workshop element to her retreat.  Most entrepreneurs don’t care to listen to speakers for the entirety of the event.  It gets tiring and weary.  And, very overwhelming when they go home with all of that extra content.  ‘How do I put this all into action now?’, I’m sure is the first question they ask themselves.  Including the hands off workshops (breakout sessions) into the programming gives the attendees the opportunity to put into practice what they just learned.  This is such a refreshing approach as it stops overwhelm before it even begins.  You’ve gotten started on something and are more confident that you’ll finish it when you get home.

So how about you?  Do you prefer to attend full on conferences with constant speakers or do you like the idea of a hybrid event?  Tell me in the comments below.

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