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Hey there lady,

I see you.  You’ve been working hard to get your foot in the door as a speaker.  You’ve been searching for creative conferences, connecting with event hosts and completing speaker applications.

But you’re stuck.

⇒ You spend a lot of time searching for speaking opportunities.

⇒ You’re intimidated by the more experienced speakers who are speaking at all the events.

⇒ Completing an application seems like you’re completing an obstacle course.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could...

⇒ Be noticed for a speaking opportunity?

⇒ Join the “elite few” as a speaker?

⇒ Showcase your previous speaking engagements so hosts can know your capabilities?

⇒ Locate upcoming conferences to open new opportunities?

⇒ Find an online space where hosts can search for newer speakers who haven’t been given that opportunity yet?

⇒ Be notified about the latest speaking opportunities in your industry

⇒ Be given a chance to share your message with other entrepreneurs, even as a newer speaker?

Say no more, friend.  I’ve got something that can help you.



An online catalog of speakers for creative conferences and events.

Here's How It Works

Speaker's Profile

The is the first step to help you get started.  Click the button below to create your own personal speaker’s profile that details you, as a speaker.

Speaker's Experience

Craft your bio, add your previous speaking engagements, speaking topics you mainly speak about, event type preferences, starting compensation and more.

Media Gallery

Of course you’ve got headshots and maybe even a speaking reel.. add it here.  Show event hosts your speaking style, your personality, your voice.

Bi-monthly Emails

Oh you thought the speaker’s profile ended there, huh.  Receive ‘Who’s Looking’ bi-monthly emails to help you along with your search.  That was easy!

Not another online profile..


Show what part of the world you’re in

Target audience

Some speakers prefer to speak to a particular crowd

Session length

Maybe you’re not a keynote speaker but a workshop teacher

Expertise, Niche

Let hosts know you’re a sales funnel speaker or organization coach


Share kind words about you from hosts or attendees

Social Media

Link your social media pages

Media Gallery

Attach your headshots and speaker reels


All of this and more behind a secure login username and password

Rate & Review

Hosts and attendees can give your 5 stars and kind words

Join The Speaker Directory

$49 per year

Who Is The Speaker Directory For?

⇒ The newer speaker who only has a few local speaking engagements

⇒ The corporate events speaker transitioning to creative events

⇒ The entrepreneur who wants to speak full time

Who Is it Not For?

⇒ The speaker who frequently receives personal invitations to speak

⇒ Speakers who are searching for corporate speaking opportunities

⇒ Keynote speakers

I Know You've Got Questions

Q:  Is there a monthly price to be a part of the directory?

A:  No the introductory price of $49 is for the year.  The price will definitely increase next year.  Sign up while the price is low.

Q:  What if I don’t like the directory after I’ve signed up, is there a refund?

A:  Sorry there won’t be any refunds.  The Speaker Directory, although a new service, will provide so much benefits to new(er) speakers.

Q:  Will hosts post speaking opportunities on this website?

A:  It won’t be listed yet, however, you receive bi-monthly emails from me about speaking opportunities and where to apply.

Q:  Who can see my profile?

A:  Everyone will be able to see your profile but only you will have the opportunity to change the content of your profile.  Hosts searching for speakers will be able to browse the speakers and reach out to who they’re interested in.

Join The Speaker Directory

$49 per year

Hey I'm Makeda!

I’m the founder of The Conference Connection, the entrepreneur’s guide to conferences, retreats and workshops.

The Conference Connection 2.0 was always about the speaker; empowering and helping her (or him) land the right speaking opportunity.  I wanted to create a space for new and newer speakers to showcase who they are as an entrepreneur and the message that they can share at events.  The Speaker Directory gives new speakers permission to reach for their speaking goals.

Personally, I’m a Caribbean transplant currently residing in South Jersey with my musician hubby and our three boys, Anwar, Ashur & Amare (4 months old).  I love a good, well-done steak, pistachio ice-cream sundae with hot fudge and gummy bears (I know!) and all things pertaining to digital organization!

Join The Speaker Directory

$49 per year