It’s not easy when you’re building a much needed resource for the community of online entrepreneurs who love attending and hosting conferences, retreats and workshops.

Well, little by little, I think I’ve built something that is efficient and gets the job done.  Can’t wait to see the growth as it becomes more and more known.

Today, I want to tell you about an acronym I came up with to help me remember how many different ways you can filter your search.  I thought it would be great to share with you as well since I always forgot one or two.

It’s called SPILT and the breakdown is below.

S – Size – This refers to the size of the event, the number of attendees that will be in attendance.  Conferences tend to be bigger, retreats are a little smaller in size and workshops tend to be the smallest event, in most cases.   I think because there is a focus on hands on training and the host wants to make sure that everyone has their attention.  Conference Connection caters to event up to 250 people

P – Price – Well this is important right?  It’s probably the most important thing for me.  Every year, most entrepreneurs budget for for a 1, maybe 2 or 3 events per year.  They have an event budget and they need to make sure that the events that they’re hoping to attend are within their budget.  Our filter goes up to $3000.

I – Industry – I love that I made this a filter because there are a bunch of industry specific events.  For example, there are workshops specifically for those in the wedding industry, conferences just for bloggers and photography retreats.  In an industry that’s so big, it’s a turn on when I see hosts creating events for a specific niche.  A lot of time entrepreneurs attend the wrong event for where they are in their business and what they specifically need at the moment.

L – Location – This is huge.  Can I drive there or do I have to purchase a plane ticket?  It definitely makes a difference with the price.  If the event is price-y, it may waiver your decision.  Conference Connection lists worldwide events.

T – Type – Some entrepreneurs rather invest in workshops where they learn or have that time to work on their business.  Or some may be newer and want to attend a conference to be inspired, to network with others and see what the next step in their business is.  While some prefer retreats, an event that’s out in the woods somewhere, or on a secluded beach of the coasts of California or on an island.

There you have it folks.  An acronym for how I remember the filter searches on the calendar – SPILT!  Hope it’s an easy one for you to remember as well.

Have you used the filters before?  What do you like the most about them?  Does this acronym help you remember them better?