Yeah, what about them?

There are one-day conferences, retreats and workshops that are just as effective as multi-day events.  You, the entrepreneur, still must put it through the eight questions test in my info guide.

I’ve done the research and price is the number one factor in booking an event.  Entrepreneurs think about these things.  Not all entrepreneurs have five and six-figure months.  Some are still struggling to find their unique selling proposition, get their copy perfect, their branding on point and clients who will pay them for their products and services.  And, they use events like conferences, retreats and workshops to help take them to the next level in their business.

Of course I can see why price is the #1 factor.  They are strategic with their investment and want to feel safe in that investment.

I am not going to sit (or lay) here and tell you that bull about if you’re a little uneasy about it then you know you’re making the right decision.  WRONG, that thinking DOES NOT work for me and I wish others would stop promoting those foolish and irresponsible thoughts.  It gives entrepreneurs the wrong impression of money and how spending/investments should feel.

My money is precious.
My investment is precious.

I feel good every time I make an investment in my business.

But anyway, I digress.  One-day events are wonderful for several reasons:

  • It’s perfect for mamas who are unable to get away from their family for long lengths of time
  • It’s perfect for entrepreneurs who are unable to leave their business during busy (or peak) season
  • You’re not physically stuck there for 2-3 days if you’ve realized by the first day you’ve made a mistake
  • The content (or meat of the event) should be laser-focused
  • The one-day events you choose are most likely in driving distance from you

If you’ve got a one-day event in mind but you’re on the fence about it, then download my 8 question info guide with questions to ask yourself before you purchase your ticket.